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Lyalvale Express Supreme Steel 20 Gauge 24grm 4- Plastic Wad

The Supreme Steel is an outstanding Steel Game cartridge – designed to maximise the range of our best hunting load without increasing recoil.The finely tune ballistics feature a specially engineered single-base powder exclusive to Express, and a wad that is cut on loading to ensure no gaps, for consistent, low pressure – resulting in excellent patterns over long distances.Supreme Steel is manufactured from soft iron designed to mimic the performance of our lead shot Cartridges, and conforms to the stringent CIP specifications.The thick walls of the plastic wad are engineered specifically for steel, to protect your gun – leaving room in the cartridge so the shot has no contact with the barrels.The Supreme Steel is the most popular steel cartridge among sportsmen looking to increase their range, while maintaining excellent lethality.

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