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BSA Spare Magazine .22 Calibre- Red

The new BSA / GAMO magazines to fit all BSA and GAMO multishot rifles including the R10, Ultra Multishot, Scorpion Multishot, Hornet Multishot, Superten and GAMO Coyote.The new magazines have coloured coded rotors, blue for .177 and red for .22 calibre,

Product Details

The Self contained indexing system has a number of advantages including the following.

  • It removes the need for the trigger to be involved in the indexing, leaving it free to fulfil its prime function.
  • It greatly enhances the reliability of the magazine and allows it to operate smoothly time after time.
  • Rotors are numbered to indicate how many shots remain.
  • The new style magazines will work in old rifles as well as new build, including the Goldstar.