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Dubarry Longford Boots- Black/Brown

The stunning ‘Longford’ boot is a beautiful calf-length boot with a double buckle detail at the top of the calf. With stunning Dubarry branding on the side of the boot, it’s impossible to deny the quality of these gorgeous performance boots.Not only are the brown and black smooth and nubuck leathers combining to create a truly gorgeous boot, but the technology behind every one of Dubarry’s range of footwear is truly remarkable. The GORE-TEX®GORE-TEX® is a marvel of modern textile innovation. A waterproof fabric that still has the properties of a breathable membrane, it has the ability to repel liquid water, while allowing water vapor to pass through, making it a lightweight, waterproof fabric suitable for all-weather use. lining inside of the boot keeps your feet comfortable by ensuring breathability, regardless of climate or temperature. The leather that makes the boot is Dubarry’s famous DryFast - DrySoft™The special leather used on Dubarry’s range of high quality boots, DryFast-DrySoft™ does what it says on the tin. In the knowledge that their boots frequently get wet through everyday use in the countryside, Dubarry have created a leather which dries quickly and retains its natural softness and luster for longer than regular leather. material, ensuring they retain their quality for years to come.Since being founded in 1937, Dubarry have established themselves as one of the world's foremost sailing and country outfitters, catering for style and practical needs in equal measure.The ’Longford’ is a truly stunning country boot that will perfectly accentuate any outfit. Whether you’re wearing them with jeans, tights, leggings or fitted trousers, your Dubarry Longford boots will provide the perfect accompaniment for your outfit, keeping you comfortable on your country walks.

Product Details

  • Dubarry of Ireland
  • Double buckle calf-length Boot
  • Dual-leather Performance Boot
  • Dubarry logo on the side of the boot with contrasting leather details