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Laksen Clyde Plus Fours

Laksen Clyde Plus Fours with CTX are a very luxurious pair of comfortable 100% pure Scottish Tweed waterproof shooting Plus Fours tailored with a fishtail style raised back design for better coverage when shooting in tough wet conditions. These technical shooting breeches are hard wearing and designed to be longer cut and a slightly wider fit combining this light weight traditional looking tweed with the Laksen innovative Laksen CTX membrane that is lightweight fully waterproof, noiseless and high breathable. The front is flat and a comfortable with a rubber inner grip to help keep your layers tucked in when active for added protection. The Clyde tweed men’s shooting Plus Fours are a looser fit and look and feel great with the added benefit that if you are caught in a rain shower you stay warm dry and comfortable. Laksen’s high performance Tweed checked materials which are loved by all who enjoy their field sport and their love of the countryside. The Laksen Clyde men’s Tweed has been inspired from the dry Scottish summer landscape including berries and long grasses. Made from naturally water repellent wool packed with character and functionality with natural Scottish wool which is lovingly dyed and treated with Teflon to produce the Clyde’s warm brown and Green hues with a bold rich orange and red over-check which is distinctive and unique.

Product Details

  • Made from naturally water repellent and durable 100% pure new wool Tweed packed with character which is lovingly dyed and treated to produce the Clyde’s warm brown and Green hues with a bold rich orange and red over-check which is distinctive and unique.
  • Teflon treated to repel excess water and dirt keeping the material lightweight and clean.
  • Raised Fish Tail designed at the back for lower back protection and stylish design.
  • Inner grip for keeping your layer tucked in.
  • Laksen’s high lightweight high quality CTX windproof, waterproof and highly breathable noiseless membrane.
  • Lined with a 100% Polyester silky lining which is comfortable and breathable when worn next to the skin.
  • Two slit side pockets for easy access.
  • Belt loops.
  • Adjustable hem for a tailored fit.
  • No pleats for a flattering finish.

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