Jack Pyke Pro Sporting



Like last year, we have a pair of Pilla glasses up for grabs, as well as £200 for the pool stand high gun, every day! In addition to this, a £200 prize will also be given to the overall high scorer of the day on the Jack Pyke layout. Due to the huge popularity of this competition all entrants must book in advance, so it's advisable not to leave it too late! 

All entrants will be required to complete the registration form, available at the bottom of this page. 



Jack Pyke was as successful as ever and we were lucky enough to have some fantastic weather through the 5-day competition. Competitors and staff alike had a great few days and lots of happy faces were to be seen.

A pair of Pilla glasses were given away every day, as well as £200 for the high scorer on the pool stand. The fortunate winners can be seen below. For the full results of the Jack Pyke 2017 click here.


Day 1 – Wednesday 21st June 2017

Pilla Glasses: Harry Criss 

Pool Stand: Scott Barnett 

Day 2 – Thursday 22nd June 2017

Pilla Glasses: Fiona Streetly

Pool Stand: Ivan Spencer & Kieth Roe

Day 3 – Wednesday 23rd June 2017 

Pilla Glasses: Scott Buck

Pool Stand: Richard Hughs, Tom Long @ Paul Ashley

Day 4 – Thursday 24th June 2017

Pilla Glasses: Clint Brumbley 

Pool Stand: Mark Massey

Day 5 – Friday 25th June 2017

Pilla Glasses: Mark Jones 

Pool Stand: Richard Bunning