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4x4 Experience for up to Four


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On arrival you will be greeted by one of our instructors who will conduct a safety brief advising you how to operate the 4x4’s and provide you will all the required safety equipment.

Once you are kitted up and are confident that you are ready, your driving experience can begin. Your instructor will guide you through our course, which features a see-saw and water splash, although this feature depends on rainfall. Your experience will begin at a steady pace allowing you to gain confidence. As the experience continues and your confidence builds, your instructor will up the pace and guide you through more advanced areas of the course, which, weather depending, can get quite slippy!

Whilst waiting for your turn to drive you can enjoy, or not as the case may be, your team mates driving. This adds a competitive air to the experience as participants attempt to handle the 4x4 better than the person before.

Every 4x4 experience varies and is tailored to each individual. This means you will never drive faster than you are happy to, or tackle obstacles that you feel are too difficult.

All participants are required to be at least 17

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