Team Building at Sporting Targets


80% of team success is a result of cohesive working relationships. The rest is knowing what to do.

Sporting Targets offers a unique environment, and the expertise, to develop a team – the essential criteria for a successful team building event. We cater for all abilities, and organisations of any size.

We start by understanding your objectives and tailoring the day, to ensure that they are achieved.

The results:

  • Individuals are more comfortable with their co-workers, which makes them more forthcoming with their ideas.
  • Improved understanding of one another; knowing each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests, which forges and strengthens friendships.
  • Increased morale and productivity as the team become better at collaborating in order to solve everyday challenges.
  • Heightened team spirit motivates and engages employees. 

We have a series of team building activities available to stimulate communication, problem solving, and bonding; equally, we can work with you to create tasks for specific purposes. 


We have used Sporting Targets a number times over the years for small conferences, team meetings and team build sessions.  We have always found them to be very customer centric and helpful.  Additionally, the many trainers that are on hand to provide support for the various activities do so in a constructive and humorous fashion, which really helps to bring any team build to life.

(Neil Atherton, Belron UK Ltd)

Our off-road course provides a true test of one’s ability, which is why it’s important to at least know where you’re going! This becomes the responsibility of the navigators, who are stationed elsewhere, hopefully directing their teammates along the correct route via walkie talkie. The team inside the 4x4 have a role of equal importance, describing their location as concisely as possible, to get instructions back, and avoid missing any turns, in this fast-paced communication challenge!

The team shoot simultaneously, taking on a barrage of clays, from all directions! Decisions will need to be made on who will shoot what to maximise the team’s score!

Bullseye is taken to the next level, when the archer becomes completely reliant on the guidance of their teammates to achieve an accurate aim with the bow.

With a trailer in tow, on which a large container of water sits, the team must chaperone the quad, in a way that saves any spillages!

We’ve several variations to a typical clay pigeon stand that call on a range of skills and encourage teamwork.

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